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Chasseur Immobilier

Return on investment

Only a buyer’s agent:

  1. can guaranty to represent you in your property purchase,
  2. negotiates for you on your behalf,
  3. knows your real budget when the negotiation phase comes up,
  4. is committed to conclude the purchase within the budget initially defined,
  5. treats you as The Client,
  6. has the duty to remain  fully objective regarding the property you will be acquiring; he does not care about  things that could be detrimental to the seller’s interest, he works for you only,
  7. is legally and ethically bound to put your interest at the top of his priorities.

 Most of the time, our fees are balanced by the savings generated during the negotiation phase: for our client, the return on investment is directly materialized by an optimized acquisition in terms of quality – price – timing.

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