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Colim’s offer

Since 1993, Colim has built up a strong experience in property research, management & development.

To fulfil our clients’ new requirements, we have created a new branch fully dedicated to buyers: Colim Buyers’ Agents

The actual property market is quite complex, the buyers’ requirements are changing:

  1. they are better advised and informed but are confronted with a wide range of services and properties of inconsistent quality & price
  2. they are often busy professionals and wish that their specific property expectations are properly taken into account in order to avoid useless visits
  3. they sometimes live far away from their future address and require a local assistance
  4. they need to have objective and independent advice on the real potential value of a property
  5. they need technical and legal expertise to complete complex property projects
  6. they are eager to benefit from an expert support to negotiate and close the deal, especially when & where the property pricing is fixed arbitrarily
  7. they expect a customised, fast and efficient collaboration

Based on its strong experience as lands and properties prospector and as professional buyer/seller, Colim is the partner of any buyer wishing to acquire the ideal home in the most optimal and rational manners

colim, la recherche immobilière sur mesure au service de l'acquéreur

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