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Chasseur Immobilier

How does it work

Personalized advising based upon comprehensive understanding:
A first appointment at your home is required to understand precisely your project and expectations. Within the next 3 days, we will send you a document where we analyse and validate your project’s, based on the actual property market and your requirements.

 An expert service fully dedicated to the buyer
Convinced? At first we need to sign a research mandate contract with you. Your buyer’s agent is from now on dedicated to your project and will be your exclusive contact until the completion of your project, and after if necessary.
As an expert, we will deliver support and consultancy throughout the mission, with the purposes of being as objective, neutral and independent as possible. We will engage all our knowledge and expertise to guaranty the success of your project.

 Using and saving your time differently and be first informed
By allocating a unique and dedicated buyer’s agent, we save your time drastically. Your agent makes properties pre-selections for you, visits on your behalf and explains your requirements to all parties such as particulars, estate agents, property developers, solicitors, etc. He will ask you to intervene only if necessary.

Having our expert consultant brings you straight into the heart of the property market: thanks to his wide contact network you will be among the first few to be informed of any new property upcoming for sale. Our buyer’s agent works with no more than three clients at a time. With more clients, we believe that the service level will not be satisfactory to our clients.

 Granting an access to the visible and hidden property market
Real estate agents, in France, are bound to what they have been mandated by their clients, the sellers. We have no limit and we have a full access to all properties whether they are displayed by professionals, individual sellers, auctions, or any other sources...
If none of the advertised properties correspond to your project requirements, we will launch a local communication campaign to find your home.

 The right property at the right price
Thanks to a global vision and a comprehensive knowledge of the property market prices, our buyer’s agent will also help you when it is time to make an offer at the right price. Beyond your initial “Coup de Coeur” and the usual seller/estate agent pressure, your buyer’s agent will stand next to you to study properly the positive and negative sides of the potential “dream home“ and will use all his skills to negotiate a final price in line with your budget and the market itself.

 Obligation to perform
As in any property transaction, fees have to be paid only when you exchange keys at the solicitor’s office. This means you pay only if we have successfully achieved your project.

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