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 Colim is registered as a FNAIM’s Member, French Real Estate Federation, and hold the relevant transaction card and insurance.

In France, any activities related to property transactions, is ruled by the Hoguet law created in 1970 and updated in 2004. According to the law, fees are paid to parties the day when keys are exchanged at the solicitor’s office and only when all outstanding conditions have been cleared up.

Our fees are based on your specific requirements, your budget, the geographical location and the project time scale. They vary from 2 to 5% (VAT incl.) of your budget.

The commission is calculated on the results of our initial market audit. The synthesis note summarizes the overall amount of work required to fulfil the mission. Once agreed, fees are clearly written on the research mandate we both sign.

In order to avoid any conflict of interest, and therefore stay 100% on your side till the purchase, our fees are defined as a fixed amount of your initial budget and not as a percentage of the final purchase price.

Quite often, our fees are generally financed by the savings generated through the negotiations with the seller: for our clients, the return on investment is immediate with an optimized purchase in terms of quality, cost and time.

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