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Chasseur Immobilier

Core business

The buyer’s agent is an experienced real estate agent specialized in property research and negotiation on behalf of the buyers.

This “new business” in France is better known in Anglo-Saxon countries where it has been going on for a while. Buyer’s agents, home hunters or property finders are complementary with  traditional Real Estate activities by working exclusively for the buyers.

Most of the time, French Real Estates are specialized in property sale on behalf of owners: the seller is thus the customer.

Buyer’s Agents are real estate agents who choose to offer their services exclusively to buyers: the buyer is the client.

Entrusting a property research to a professional allows the buyer:

  • to better optimize his time, motivation and energy,
  • to be clearly advised,
  • to have a full access to all properties currently, and soon on sale,
  • to reduce expenses such as travels & calls
  • ...and last but not least... to have a comprehensive price knowledge to buy at the right price

colim, la recherche immobilière sur mesure au service de l'acquéreur

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